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Grafton Underwood
Neighbourhood Plan Update

Housing Allocation Consultation  February – March 2023

We are currently working on drafting the Grafton Underwood Neighbourhood Plan and one of the issues raised at the consultation events in May 2022 concerned new housing in the village.

Eight potential housing sites have been identified with basic information gathered.

We are now seeking feedback on whether the Neighbourhood Plan should allocate housing, the type of housing and the sites that have been identified.

Your feedback would be appreciated and will be used to inform the preparation of the draft Grafton Underwood Neighbourhood Plan.

Completed consultation forms should be returned to Cllr Alastair Wildgoose,  Whitehouse Farm or Cllr Penny Sneddon, 26 Grafton Underwood

Please note that forms / comments are to be returned by 5pm on Monday 13th March 2023.

Consultation Leaflet

A consultation leaflet has been delivered to households in Grafton Underwood

Site Assessment Framework

This provides the framework against which each of the sites were assessed

Scoring of the Sites

This details the score for each of the sites when assessed against the framework

Site Profiles

Provides basic information on each of the sites

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